Winter holidays

escargot and champagne 🥂
marzipan Saint Nicolas
ice ❄ skating
Unicornio vacaciones


Words to demonstrate I am not a psychopath

Why did Counting Crows seek out Spain?

Unlike Pokemon I can not be caught

Parallel languages

A wrinkle in time

Who is writing this now ?


Fall Holidays

One week of rest and relaxation. Today we visit Fox Coffee after a long respite. Home of hipster coffee in the city. That it was closed for a special event this afternoon probably helped us in securing a table.

After a few days of enjoying the city’s parks on Thursday we made an adventure to nearby Vaux to visit the biodynamic winery Château Vaux. Until today the weekend has had lovely weather, crisp orange leaves, bright sun.

Because the Marche du Noël begins in about three weeks Place Saint Louis is already being transformed. The Pyramid of Noël is up, the three wise men in the tower! ☺


Pieces of France 🇫🇷

It is term break. After a busy six weeks settling into a new routine on a new campus we are quite happy to relax in our own city in nord-est France.

We found this puzzle at the discount bookstore last week. It was a pleasant morning assembling while Sasha would exclaim, I found Lyon ! We imagined some future excursions to the places where our French friends are from.


La Dolce Vita

The weather draws cooler. It’s mid September in Metz. At this time I always think of my first autumn in Europe, the semester abroad of my senior year in University when I was in Perugia, Italy. This year after an especially hot summer in France I am especially looking forward to crisper air despite and probably because of the large amount of time spent outside. I’ve decided to host a Friendsgiving party in November for the chance to stir up some hot mulled cider.


Time & Space

The kind owner of the cafe Oz Arcades apologised for bringing my cafe au lait about five minutes after I’d ordered it. I had seen her making salads, it is Sunday at the end of lunch and she was working alone.

For me the time was irrelevant. I wanted a coffee only at some point, as an exchange for use of the café table under the arcade of Placé Saint Louis, Italian in style, across from the Carousel 🎠.

Sasha has a new (adult size!) Décathlon scooter. We are ready to embrace summer patio life, even, if the weather is adjusting in fits and starts. Saturday was reasonably sunny, but, today, while not really jacket weather is overcast and cool.

This week marks nine months in Metz, France 🇫🇷. While our spirits remain quite connected to the Mediterranean, we feel at home.